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Clairvoyant Medium Teacher

Elvis Presley is my Music Teacher

Well Known Medium, alway's sort after by the Media, who gives a Real Genuine reading not often found!! Go else where you might me ripped off!!

Many people in the Music, Acting and Writing industries are psychics. Find your true Path. Bring out your psychic abilities. Put you and your loved ones on a more rewarding path and make your dreams come true.

  • Learn to read peoples' future.
  • Meditation.
  • Cleansing Techniques (A must for greater growth, development and protection for all).
  • Learn about the spirit world (good and bad) and how to protect yourself.
  • Councilling if needed.
  • Find your true destiny.
  • Receive a reading each week.


Could be Negative Guides They just keep talking to keep you awake and your not alone to think a spirit is hanging around. Even the bad ones.

I find when some one is mean't to be Spiritual (psychic) they attract alot of good and bad spirits.

Generlly the bad ones make a person wake up and follow their Spiritual Path.

Some people ask? Why me? Have I done something bad??

because bad Spirits are following me.

More than likely God has placed his hand on you and wants you to lead a more rewarding life. Thus forcing you to seek help and follow the path that's mean't to be.

SANDALWOOD, by white Sage oil or Oil burner or insence sticks is good at keeping Negative Guides and Bad Spirits at bay.

But you do need tuition, and there are other ways of keeping them away, for example Cleansing Teachniques, which you will learn at my course and also how to attack them.

I am a Proffessional Medium Teacher, if you need Tuition or a Reading I am here to help.

With Tuition, a self help book and Guidance you are on a more rewarding path in life, with the Guardian Angles help, God's and of course mine.

I am well known by the Media for my Invention and Mediumship also I will be known for my music

Charmaine has helped many find happiness with their Career Path, with in turn helps find their suitable Soul Mate

Charmaine can tell you almost anything, not counseling or one or two things said like elsewhere, but give you a whole life direction.

With her caring nature non judgemental and extraordinary gift she will give you a reading that you will not find elsewhere

Hey Humphrey

Channelled by Elvis Presley

Hey Humphrey wanna have some fun I’ve got a tennis racket And it’s all right by mum


Humphrey bear, Humphrey bear You’re the greatest Humphrey you’re so much fun (clapping) Get out your tennis racket And lets go have some fun, fun, fun

Humphrey bear, Humphrey bear You never wear a frown Get out your tennis racket And have another round Whoopee

Fun, fun, fun that’s the one Humphrey’s got it watch him run He can beat you, he can win He’s the one with the big fat grin

Don’t be shy He can get you with a wink of an eye Humphrey’s my name, wanna play a game I love tennis so much, I’m gonna have a really good day.

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