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Give Us our Smokes Back, you Bastards ?

Please Mr. shopkeeper
Can you help me
I've got no smokes
And I'm broke as can be

Please Mr. shopkeeper
Show some hospitality
Can I have some
Smokes on credit
I haven't got a cent on me

Smokes on credit
Yeah that's the way
Smokes on credit
Till I get paid
Mr. shopkeeper
You've made my day
Smokes on credit
Yeah that's the way

You have more than enough
I'll pay you back
When I get paid
So show some hospitality
Then I'll be on my way!

Bad Karma, Negatvity, hating you job, hating your Mrs, your life
your kids and self hatred is what causes all these Cancers and bad
Karma The Government are just after the revenue, they don't give
Rats Ass about your Health.
Smoking is a Peace pipe
Get rid of all the Negative issues above and it will be a better
World and a Healthier longer life.

People are well and truly over worked, over Taxed and Underpaid,
thats why we are overweight, sick and getting cancer and all sorts
of illnesses and diseases.

Some Thing an't quite right, Fella

Something Aint Quite Right Fella
Something aint quite right Fella
That I know
I'm speaking about when you
Go real low low low
Something aint quite right Fella
I think fella you should know

It knocks me out
And moves real good
But something aint right
When you go real low

She's a knockout
You know what I mean
The temperature is rising
Lets keep it clean
Something aint quite right fella
And I think you should know

Women have been dishing back what the men dish out to them Ha Ha !

Tease Me

You got my head spinning like a clock MALE
You got me wishing I was on top
Good gracious great balls of fire
You are the one I desire FEMALE


Come on and tease me
I’m gonna get you FEMALE
You know that’s true
Come on baby I’m in love with you
Come on and tease me MALE

I like it ruff and I like it tuff
Come on baby and give me your stuff MALE
Come on and tease me

My love is something you desire
With out you there would be no fire MALE
Come on tease me

You get my pulses all flared up
I fell like screaming
Like a blummin nut


I’m the man you’ve always wanted
And I’m the man who is gonna flaunt it Grrrrrrr


Dam, but she was so good looking

Dam, but she was so good looking
What does it take to make a grown woman cry?

She stood in the door way with her hat on and coat off
Why. She stood there with a smile on her face
In all her grace and make up
I felt quite ill
What does it take to make a grown woman cry?
Dam, but she was so good looking
Dam, but she was so good looking
She buttered her toast and just smiled at me
I walked off in a huff
I must apologise for the way I look, I muttered, breathlessly

Dam, but she was so good looking
Dam. But she was so good looking
What does it take to make a grown women cry?
Dam, but she was so good looking

She stood there and just buttered her toast
I could have scratched my nails up and down her face
Dam, but she was so good looking

Sticky Beak of D’arcy Road

My nosey neighbour who was always watching me
Why does she have to tell everything she sees?
The housing commission came running repeatedly
Your lawn is not done satisfactory
For years I was in and out of hospital
And very sick
I’m sick of that old battle stick
And you have parties galore
Why is your railing down, because I had to get my piano round!
Your man must leave said housing commission and social security
He went running,
But came back saying
I’m staying honey


What is it about Sue, that find so interesting
I keep to myself, I think she’s disgusting
The little sticky beak of D’arcy Road
Watching everyone in the neighbourhood
As she goes
I feel sorry for the next person that moves in
Well you better make sure you put away your bin
And keep your trees nicely trimmed
Honour god and the bible too
By god she’ll be watching you

What is it about my neighbour who is always watching me?
Is it because she has nothing to do but rake her lawn and watch me?
I thought my singing would upset her
Why she didn’t complain about that
Maybe it gave her something to explore
To the neighbours next door
7:30 and the TV’s too loud
The police came round, burglary in the area
I saved a stray and straight away came the R.S.P.C.A
The child abuse centre came and went
The council came their I spent
Can’t even work on my car with out her giving it the jar
Drive down the road
And all the neighbours are gossiping
As I drive past in the car
What is it about Sue, they find so interesting

Womanly Child

I stood in the door way
And watched you comb your hair
You looked so beautiful
I couldn’t help but stare
How could I be so lucky
To have someone like you
The mirror on the wall
Would be lost for words it’s true

Your childish giggles
You think nobody sees
And your innocent flirtations
That are really only meant for me
I thank my father
Because I’ve really found someone
That really means the world to me

Come on baby
Dance, dance with me
My womanly child
Dance with me
With breathless words of desire
Dance with me
Until the moon fades away
My womanly child
Dance with me

No woman could take your place
You haunt me with your grace
In every sense and place
Would you really like to walk down the isle
I see you watch them
And look at me and smile
Innocent blushing
My god I love your style

He'll let the cat out of the bag some day, Who killied Lady diana ?

The Burning Bush

He will let out the bag, who killed Lady Diana

Proudly Salute as You Sing This one to the Queens Anthem

A pasture so green and lush
It needs a man with the added touch
So place your hand upon the barrel
It’s got more stories than you can handle

It needs seeds to grow
A lovers story so were told
A burning bush
Told by the young and old
It’s worth more than gold
Where great legends are told

Burn bush burn
And I will so the seeds
Bun bush burn
So I can feel the desire, I see
Burn bush burn
So the barrel can come within

Mysteries are the greatest
Foundation in life
Things that we hide
So let me come inside
And show me the secrets you hide.

ACDC Charmaine


The angels in the sky call out her name
The devil will no longer have his rain
Charmaine nanananana Charmaine
Nanananana Charmaine nananananana Charmaine

Tell your daughters tell your sons
God is here and a whole lot more
He’ll knock you dead with presents galore
See your future see your past
It’s really quite easy, and will make you laugh
Nananananana Charmaine nananananana Charmaine


Play your fate play your game
It’s better than being pregnant and nothing to gain
Riches are that, For god’s people
And laughter, tears are no more
He’ll put you on a pedestal
So high in the sky
The righteous man, he don’t lie
Nanananana Charmaine nanananana Charmaine


Animals are precious
Cuddles in the night
And take away, away your fight
Love them, and never let them die
Never mistreat them or by
God you will be denied
Get out your taro’s, get out your crystal balls
Heaven going to show you what’s in store.

Hey Humphrey

Hey Humphrey wanna have some fun
I’ve got a tennis racket
And it’s all right by mum


Humphrey bear, Humphrey bear
You’re the greatest
Humphrey you’re so much fun (clapping)
Get out your tennis racket
And lets go have some fun, fun, fun

Humphrey bear, Humphrey bear
You never wear a frown
Get out your tennis racket
And have another round Whoopee

Fun, fun, fun that’s the one
Humphrey’s got it watch him run
He can beat you, he can win
He’s the one with the big fat grin

Don’t be shy
He can get you with a wink of an eye
Humphrey’s my name, wanna play a game
I love tennis so much, I’m gonna have a really good day.

Michael Jackson

Michael is around me nealy every day, I think he is going to help me with some music
Michael is very High up Spiritually and is with "The Gods" Which not many achieve
God has dismissed charges of mollesting Children
Michael say's he had a Split Personality, which he was fully unaware of
The other personality was a young girl
The girl has now been delt with and gone.
Michael is happy with leaving this world becasue of that girl. but sorry it came to an end
He also believe the Children are better off with their Mother as she would cherish them more.

Elvis Presley

What is he doing for a living now ?
He is a Janitor, also helping people here with their music
People on the other side , don't take kindly to drugs.

Whitney Houston

What is our Beautifull Whitney now going to do for a living ?
Pending: it might be Waitressing, due to the drugs and life she led.
NO Pension or Gold Lotto !!! for those that take drugs, or Alcholics, and no respect given.
Sorry Whitney !!!

Give it to me, baby. By Charmaine (Only)

Since I have been Fxxxed, up the Ass, so many times through out my life, I came up with this song , myself !

Give it to me, baby !

Give it to me , Baby
Give it to me hone
Give it to me sugar
up the bum

I got it good, I got it bad
I got you baby
sitting on my lap

Give it to me good
Give it to me hard
Baby, Baby , Baby
That an't a forcarde

Give it to me Baby
Give it to me, Hone
Give it to me Sugar,
Up the Bum !

Yea baby, thats the way I like it , good, hard and tight ,and all fxxxing night!

Give it to me Baby
Give it to me , Hone
Give it to me Sugar
Up the Bum
(Repeat chorus)

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