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Spells, Spell Protection

I can teach you how to perform Spell Protection or spell removal.

These are the kind of spells that have been done to me and everyone should know how to protect themselves against Psychics that do the wrong thing.....
I know how to get rid of spells and only charge a small fee to clear them every day.

Listed below is the kind of "Spells" that Psychics do -

Haunted Houses
Negative Spirits around you
Destroy Relationships
Ruin your Career
Human combustion, throughout your body
Make sure you make no money
Your Rego, Tap Water, your tires, Your breaks. smashed car windows, Target for Police, centrelink , welfare, Tax evasion
Your wedding , Your hair products, your hairdresser, friends that use you, Have you read the opposite, Have Psychics that read you , read the opposite or the worst in you....Kill you or your animals by spells....Make you accident prone....
Make you have an accident in your car....
Everything you can think of.....
Everyone should be protected !

For the best in Spell Protection, call me.

Healings for you and husband. $50 week
$1500. 6 months. Every day

Surround you and husband with a ball of White light to protect from negativity

Lemon, and honey in mind, organs, body

Heal of all. Diseases , illnesses and Cancers, that teachers allow

Calming technique. Cucumber for eyes
When stressed ask for that

Get rid of negativity. Kill or get rid

Calming ocean around you both and Dolfins singing to you

House cleansing

The complete spell removal

I also can. Cleanse, heal and tune in your crystals
$50. Week, $1500. Six months

You need Red Jasper pendent, and Crystal under bed
Send photos of all crystals

Daily healings, spell protection
House cleansing
$1500. $60. week. Basic months

Crystal healing
Tune, Cleanse and heal crystals
$1500, $60. Week, Six months

Else where pay thousands
Compare, you will not get a better deal
E.g. Just one spell removal $1000 ( one off)
I do the complete. Every day

House cleansing. Over $1000

Healings. Could be thousands

So don't look a gifted horse in the mouth

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