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Clairvoyant Medium Teacher

Well Known Medium, alway's sort after by the Media, who gives a Real Genuine reading,  not often found!! Go elsewhere you might be ripped off!!

Charmaine is a well known clairvoyant medium teacher, who is regularly sort after by  the Media and can give you accurate readings from Guardian Angels on your Relationships, career, pets, people passed over, wealth and your health.

Charmaine can help direct you to your true soul mate,  that will bring you love and lasting happiness. Just ask??

Also 99% of the time she can predict what you do for a career or tell you what you really  should be doing for a career.

rob-mark Elvis

If you have spiritual problems or just starting to learn to be a Clairvoyant there is a book that  you can buy that has everything you need to know?   It Includes protection, meditation, cleansing, How to pray, warriors, how to make your readings more accurate and how to do them. How to get a person to read you from a distance and make yourself known etc.

I have Elvis Presley around me every day helping me with my music and direction in life

This is why Elvis is very interested in me, and people will listen.

Princess Diana sometimes talks to me and Sir Joe Bjelke-Petersen,  is interested in my Hydrogen car,  and was in partnership while he was alive with other Inventions.

I have earned respect with my Readings , and the way I have lived my life,  that I have only the best Guardian Angels around me, Including Late Celebrities. For the past year, God , Aliza, now is one of my Guides. Not many Medium's reach such a high level and have spent most of their life earning what I have achieved  and the respect that I have earned.

Recently I had Michael Hutchence from INXS, talk to Triple M Radio Station. He wishes to lead a quiet life and does not really want to have another talk, but is pleased with what he said.

Charmaine a very highly gifted Medium,  has God as one of her Guides and Teachers. Also,   has earned  respect for her readings and as a person. On some occasions permitted,  God, Aliza,  may put his input in the reading,  to help you more?  She is exceptional with careers and relationships and very honest. Call now! And may the force be with you?

  • Specialises in Career Direction and I can direct you with that career and most times name what kind of career you are doing
  • Do you have an Acting, Storytelling or Singing Career, just waiting for you that has been placed for you?  I can tell you and direct you to become successful.
  • Also help you to understand your dreams

Charmaine - "The Good One" Hydrogen Car Investment Proposal

Looking for like minded people to invest in  a Hydrogen car and have an open mind to what may come from this in the future? Let's Save the Planet!

Hello, my name is Charmaine. I am a clairvoyant Medium Teacher and also a Teacher of Teachers, Spiritually. A Master Psychic........God, Aliza, and Elvis Presley are my Teachers...... 
I am involved with a Fuel Saving device, a Hydrogen car, which I'm  looking for Investors. I'm hoping to get a Music Contract?    Because of what I have achieved in my life and in turn I will bring the Spirit World out in the Open, which will bring peace to the World,  and lead  people to God Aliza.

Out of faith I have been backing a Hydrogen car for the past 25 years. The inventor has no people skills or presentation but I saw thru this and backed him. The Inventor is also very spiritually gifted and used this to form his ideas.

I have been for the PAST 10 YEARS,  been chasing a Musician  to put Music to my Lyrics. And I have been writing to him and giving him my Lyrics EVERY DAY.

He NEVER WRITES BACK! And when I hand him my Music, He gives it to me the next time I see him and say's nothing even though Elvis Presley is all around me and I know damn well he is picking this up EVERY TIME I SEE HIM !

But I do enjoy the kisses he blows my way when he is singing.

I did say to him "When the Invention is up and running or not quite there, my music will be there. So will be my Man"

A famous quote,   from My Spiritual Teacher, Robyn. I suppose he expects me to be the great Psychic and work out what he is thinking and doing ?.

I wish to write a book about my life "Thru the eyes of a Medium" which I believe will be made into a movie?

I've also put together a game, which I call "The Inventors" which tells of our long road to success,  and takes the piss out of the backers , that were really only out for their own game.

I also have a Happy Home Mailer, which all walks of life in the community can do?   Especially , the people on pensions or disability and make a good income working from home.

The Celebrity booklets , as well as everything else, I’m hoping will pay for FREE Vetinary  care, for Animals, Human Health care, and Education for Spirituality 


When the Hydrogen car is  on the road, there will be no rain or drought, as this will create a lot of rainfall. The starving will have crops that are growing. The climate will be cooler and it will clear the pollution , saving the People and Save the Planet.

My eldest son is a Qualified Mechanic, and Electrical Engineer, also Mine Rescue.....He will be the one , in the end , forming his  own ideas, for the Hydrogen car.....

To be part of this Invention, I paid for all the Inventors, living expenses, including a car, with all expenses paid, as well as legal’s paid,  for the Invention,  and parts for the device.....for 25 years..... The true fact of the Partnership   was that I was to learn the ropes, and one day pull it off myself.....That's what you get for being Spiritual. And, Peoples. True intentions  and morals....

My son's Robert and Mark.. The New Inventors
Robert and Mark will be doing the work on the cars.


Supervisor of Mines

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