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One of Australia's Leading Psychics !

Susan Carrier is a well-known Psychic Clairvoyant Medium Teacher, who is regularly sort after by the Media. She can give you accurate psychic readings from Guardian Angles on your relationships, career, pets, passed loved ones, wealth and your health.

Also 99% of the time she can predict what you do for a career or tell you what you really should be doing for a career.

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Hi, I'm Charmaine. I'm one of the rare Mediums that you will ever encounter that can actually tell you things.

Best Psychic Readings in Brisbane - Psychic eBook Guides and clairvoyant training by Charmaine The Clairvoyant Psychic Medium

I can help patch up a Relationship or tell you where the right one for you is. I'm not your average Psychic, I truly use my gift by Guardian Angels and have well known celebrities around me like Nostradamus and Elvis Presley. God is also my Teacher.  Also I can repeat word for word what loved ones from the other side are saying and what they are up to now. Even what they think about their will etc. I can even tell you how they died or what your pets are thinking. Do they love their food or what is wrong with them?

I am also a Teacher.  If you would like to see your own future and get in touch with your own Guardian Angels,call me. And I have the perfect Demon protection for those that are the victim of Spiritual warfare. The New Age Bible is a Psychic Clairvoyants Manual for those that want to learn to be the best psychic. It can be purchased and downloaded online from Amazon Kindle or the Google PlayStore. Scroll down if you would like more info on the kind of Medium I am and what my future lies for you.

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