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Haunted House

I lived in my Housing Home for 25 years, with Negative Evil Spirits, telling me my problems all day and making me feel run down and ill Also one after the other Demons attacking me with fear and energies on my body I called many Spiritual Churches, and Psychics, no body could help me I was helpless, and living in a Housing Home, I could not afford to move else where. God came to me about 5 years ago 2010 and told me a spell had been placed upon me And told me how to kill the Demons attacking me and clear the negative energies in my home which was stopping the house from being liveable and bringing in an income. Also how to get rid of the spell I realised , now that "Spells" are common Practice with Psychics.

I also astral travel, and clear Haunted Houses that God sends me too I am fully qualified and experienced, and do this for a living Demons and Evil Spirits do exist and I have lived with this most of my life. My home is now clear, and I am no longer attacked, unless I am doing my work, and that's clearing a home or business. I can clear Homes or Businesses any where in the world. From my Home. To clear a Place of Demons you have to be a pure soul and no past lives or present bad Karma. God has granted me this gift. And wishes to make me a famous Psychic leader, because of this and my work.

I am also interested in people who know longer want their homes. I can clear them, may take time for them to be liveable but I'm willing to take on the homes.

Please call me for consultation Charmaine (617 ) out side Australia (07) 38436419

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